Porsche Cayenne 3.0 TDI Swirl Flap Intake Inlet Manifold Repair Kit

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Porsche Cayenne (2009-2014) 3.0 TDI Swirl Flap Intake Manifold Repair Kit
  • All parts as per photo 
  • After time the linkage between the motor and the rod which turns the swirl flap becomes loose at the joints which then triggers the engine management light
The following fault codes will be shown when checked using VCDS:

P2011 – Intake Manifold Runner Control [ Bank 2 ]
004120 –  [ Bank 2 ] Lower limit not reached
P2008 – Intake Manifold Runner Control [ Bank 1 ]
P1018 – 001 – Upper lover limit exceeded
012597 – Intake Manifold Runner Control lower stop not reached
P3135 – 001 – lover limit exceeded
This kit will fit vehicles with the following Engine Codes:
3.0 Diesel 211 PS MCR.CB
3.0 Diesel 239 PS M 05.9E. MCN.RB
3.0 Diesel 245 PS MCR.CA
PORSCHE CAYENNE 955 3.0 Diesel 240 PS M 05.9D

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